Home Of The Finger Frame

WIT stands for "What Is That" and was developed to make searching the internet easier and more interactive. Segmentation of image data and various types of 3D-imaging makes learning cool. Our augmented reality app aims to enhance the vision and scope for humanity. The user gets to select images and get accurate info that can be shared right through our app. Welcome to the Home of the Finger Frame. We present a robust real-time algorithm that recognizes fingertips to reconstruct the 6DOF camera pose relative to the user’s outstretched hand. You can use this information to place virtual objects resting on flat surfaces. Our app uses computer vision techniques to calculate the real camera position and orientation allowing a clean overlay virtual object to show. We use a vision-based user interface that can track the user’s outstretched hand robustly and use it as the reference pattern for AR inspection. Enjoy our App and initialize requests from your 'WIT Assist' personal assistant.

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